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New Car, New Week

The Joker


Okay, Spring Break is over.. Now tomorrow we have to go back to darn old school.. <_< I got a Digital Camera.. It takes Video.. Webcam.. And still pictures.. Cheapo $16. I got to see The Shaggy Dog wit my bf. I had Strep Throat.. THEN I got to drive a 1992 Mercury Cougar.. (Only backwards and forwards) DUDE.. It's TURBO CHARGED.. V8 Engine.. FAST. The picture is below.. The red and silver?/white truck is the Chevrolet my dad owns. We are going to have a big storm in a few minutes or hours.. In Illinois it said there was 75 MpH winds, that's HURRICANE FORCE WINDS. There are also Tornado watches and Warnings in Effect. If you want to see how bad it is the click on this link ---> http://www.wthi.com then go to the Doplar Radar or Live DopRad 10. The station is situated in Terre Haute..


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