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Haven't werote in a blog in YONKZ LYKZ.



school was so kick ass the last few days and today just kindofa rocked





+*~~PrIOR To CLasSes~~*+

Hokai so.

Woke up watched some hoobs cos it was like... 6am and took the dawg down. Downstairs was all cold so i took her back up to bed with moi after some fosters home for imaginary friends. They went to europe today :o I didn't watch it all due to me and the dogs short attention spans :].

I went back to bed and watched some music til 7:20-ish when i had to get up and get ready for schoolahs.


I left for school at 8:30=ish and met with Ursz and lezek in our wee bit ^_^.

Ursz and lezek headed off to mass just as louse came about 5 mins later. Just sat and talked and then emma sean dom paul dale ains nicole mikey and the rest came for a wee chat.



Rather boring..

..waved at the rainforest guy on entrance. Later joined by a more holly than the previous hour Ursz..>.>

we didn't do our homeowrk *giggle* so we pretended to correct whilst nodding and smiling.... gr inheritance..




Offt teacher was high or somethiing... we all had a giggle. We finished the WW1 topic and started




yasssss hahahaha my country rocks...

...>.> so she kept joke-moaning about things like the treatment of tables and chairs and how she was becoming mentaly ill from pupils asking her for headings >.>

Good times. :]




Heeheee it was raining. me dale paul emma andy and louise stood there waiting for snow to catch us so we could become snowmen! :o I won with the most snow at the end. (Although it wasn't snowing >.>)

Headed off to english with nicole who was in maths.




Pure heavy pmsinng LOL. GRAHAM stole my story idea AND USED IT. i planned mine YESTERDAY and he wasn't even in. He just took my idea and i had to start again v.v

he also drew on my pencilcase last week. I LIKED IT IMMACULATE

and broke my 2.50 pen my mumeh bought me from accesorise. >:| Me and dale had a wee laugh though. The game of tig was ongoing :].




Gettin soliiid...we got a homework book thing to do and i didn't talk much because i know like 5 out of 20 people in this class lol >.>




Ursz and louise came :o. Dad was in so he made us soup for lunch and wee bits of bread. That was nice i useually make my own lunch cos they is working. Me dad lee louise and ursz sat down to lunch and i gulped down half the tango clear. :]

Me lousie and ursz headed up to school quite early and sat outside reggie to avoid assualt.




Nothing interesting happned >.> me and louise drew on emmas waterbottle...teacher called register read bullietin and the bell went and me and emma gabbed on about her parteh. :o




SOOOLID calculator test. I'm really worried about it cos i know i did so badly :< I conferred answers with ursz on the way to art, she's reeel smart and we got like NONE the same. v.v




Period came in fast >.> didn't get anything done was mostly sorting my layout sheet. Took meh folder home too just to finish off for monday.


+*~~AfTeR sChOoL bEfOrE sWiMmInG~~*+


Met lousie at the janitors office and we waited outside for her mum. I said hi to Kieran who was about to go on the train (i think).

We also saw the maths helperer on Her way out. She asked us how we thought we did on the test me-failled but she said nobody done that bad. I must have done REALLY bad.

We met louises mum got her swiming stuff and headed to myhouse :o

We walked up extra fast to the swimming today (my dad gave us a lift)




I was doing my business while louise paddled around for a while then I joined her in teh pool. I did like no swimming today because i wasn't "feeling up to it."


When i acutually got in we just floated about and splashed each other and things :]

Louse was standing on my shoulders and i was walking- I actually feel the swimming helping my breathing now compared to 4 weeeks ago my breath holding time has gone up :].

We got out the pool at 5:45 and got changed.

We went to the cafe and got an overpriced crappy burger, chips and coke each. Yum.

wE headed off home because by this time it was 6:30 and louises mum was coming at 7.


+*~~hoMe aT laST~~*+


It took us like 15 mins to get there so me and louise just faffed about with kiara for 15 minuites before her mum came. After that i just eat a few slices of pizza and gulped down more tango clear then decided to hibernat with mr lappytoptop for some time... it's been like 3 hours >.<









English- DO some more on essay for tuesday.

Art- Do tonal study from resources (Friday) 2 more colour studies (Monday)

Biology- Homework sheet for monday

Chemistry- Homework sheet questions 1-5 for tuesday

Graphix- Pages 13 and 14 for Tuesday and some rendering

Spanish- Grammer sheet 4 for monday

History- Enquiry skills sheet 1 for tuesday



i don't think i can cope with all that...

...I've never had THAT much :<





cYa x


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