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Introducing Desperado

Unite! 14 Mar 2013
Hi guys, was playing at the Cashbot HQ today with Fangs McWolf and let me tell you that Fangs is a amazing player who directed me to the forums! Well I thought I should introduce myself and my toon. My toon name is Desperado, Laff Point at 53 with lvl 4 THROW and SQUIRT gags, lvl 3 TOONUP, and lv...
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Funny things to do in Toontown

Unite! 02 Mar 2013
I should first point out that there's a difference between doing things to be funny and doing things that are outright mean. That said, here are some things that can be funny to do in the game. 1. Get a few friends and go into the different Gag shops in busy playgrounds in busy districts and then...
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Unite! 09 Feb 2013
Hey everyone!       I decided to make a gallery entry with screenshots of my toons' group photo.I got my three toons together for a group photo, and it lagged my computer terribly, but that isn't the point. I want to invite you all to do the same, because I think it'd be cool to se...
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