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  1. Forever/Foever McWolf/Jelly

    Let me tell you about the best TT friend I've ever had. She didn't have open chat and never saw her use any type of chat other than Speedchat. She was smart as a whip, nice as Mrs. Claus and always fun to play with. I first ran across her on her toon "Forever" I'd say in late 2010 or early 2011. Here are her toons...
    Forever, black cat, trapless, 126 laff.
    Foever McWolf, black cat, trapless, 116 laff.
    Jelly, brown mouse, 103 laff with a doodle named Fang.

    First time I met her, and honestly I barely recall it, she was working tasks in The Brrrgh. I forget why I decided to friend her, but I did and that turned out to be the best decision I've ever made in the game. I noticed that she progressed quickly (laff went up quickly) and when playing with her, she seemed to almost always be on the same wavelength as far as how to play gags. She seemed to recognize when someone was trying to get gag points, when we should wait (invasion related), etc. I also noticed that she had a very good grip of the Speedchat phrases. She had a way of using the phrases so you knew what she was trying to tell you. Anyone that played with her a few times would absolutely love her as a player because she was always nice and she wasn't a pushover either. She would stand her ground, but wouldn't be pushy. She made it fun to do trolley games, fun to always get on and play and she was always ready to do a run with me when I would get on. After she 'maxed' her toon Forever, she was working her toon Jelly.

    At one point I had an idea, that was to invite her to make a McWolf. So I went to her estate, told her I liked her name (to her house for Forever), then took her to my estate and said the same about my house. Did that a couple of times and a couple of other phrases and she got the idea. So on Halloween of 2011, she made a black cat named Foever McWolf (I don't know if she misspelled it on purpose or if it was a typo). Between making a McWolf (which she was naturally a McWolf) and getting a doodle named Fang, I felt honored. I can only assume she considered me to be a great friend because of it.

    It's been several months since I've seen her on. Her toons have "free player" gags, meaning that you can tell that her account isn't paid for anymore. I hope that some day she'll return, perhaps even be able to do chat, either open or sf/tf chat. Be nice to not only see her again, but be able to tell her that she became an important friend to me. Because of the times she would play, I'm taking a guess that she lives somewhere near Australia or in a timezone near there. Doesn't matter though, she's an awesome person.

    I was telling someone about her today (player that I found out isn't even a teenager yet) and she calls me dad since I tend to be a bit authoritative. Reason for it is that I have a statue of Forever and when she saw it, at first she thought it was her until I told her who it was. Kind of hard to tell who it is since there's no color to the statue and no name shown. Anyway, after that, she started referring to the statue as Mom. After a VP run, I went to my estate and she came to visit. When I went out of my house, she was standing at the statue, talking to it, telling 'Forever' about her day. Now, that may sound silly to some but honestly I don't care. I think it's nice, because she has someone she can look up to and feel comfortable about telling things to. If she ever returns, I'm sure that she would live up to the expectations that my friend has developed of her. If anything, might be like a perfect match, where Forever helps out and continues to enjoy the fun of working with and helping friends.

    Just wanted to get all that said, don't ever want Forever to be forgotten.

    • Dec 02 2012 05:43 AM
    • by Wolfie